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"I Dream of Jeannie" bottles hand-painted on classic 1964 Jim Beam Decanters


All bottles are hand-painted on authentic 1964 Jim Beam decanters by Karen Dillingham. The Jeannie bottles are painted to resemble the original Jeannie bottle prop from the television series "I Dream of Jeannie." (Each bottle measures approximately 14" high with the cork attached.)

Photo of I Dream of Jeannie bottle - 2nd to 5th Season by Karen Dillingham
Photo of neck of Jeannie bottle
Photo of Jeannie bottle cork
Photo of golden vines bottle from first season

Golden Vines bottle Hand-Painted on Classic 1964 Jim Beam decanter. This design was used throughout the 1st Season of I Dream of Jeannie

2nd to 5th Season Bottle

1st Season Golden Vines Bottle

Photo of Major Nelson (Larry Hagman) with 1st season bottle
Photo of Jeannie & Tony with Jeannie bottle
Image of cartoon Jeannie
Image of cartoon Jeannie bottle
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